Free Your Mind, Change Your Habits, Love Your Body

Now it's time for something completely different! A credible and creative learning resource to honestly help you overcome unhelpful eating habits, damaging relationships with food and negative body image.


Our comprehensive online courses and workshops are written by an eating psychology expert and designed to address a range of needs: from weight loss, comfort eating and the need to eat healthily, to more specialist support for eating disorders and exercise addiction.


We help you to untangle the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in unhappy or unhealthy eating habits. Only then, when you are no longer enslaved by food or obsessed with weight, are you free to think and act differently. You CAN reach your goals AND be relaxed, happy and healthy.

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Are you...

  • feeling puzzled about your eating behaviour or wondering if you could be addicted to food

  • stuck in yo-yo dietingbingeing or starving yourself to 'make up for it'

  • comfort eating or sabotaging your efforts to lose weight or eat healthily

  • suffering from an eating disorder or simply fed up with disordered eating!

"Whatever you want is OK with me. If you want change, then we can work on change. If you want peace, then I can help you find relaxation. What I want for you is freedom from suffering."


Liz Shelley
FeedMeFreedom Course Director


Psychotherapeutic Counselor and Eating/Weight Management Specialist Liz Shelley, has the expertise to offer a sustainable solution. Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Animator Pema Chalmers, has the creative vision to build it. Together we are currently creating this new and unique learning experience.


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