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Liz Shelley

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Co-founder & Course Director

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Liz Shelley Msc Bsc UKAHPP UKCPP

Liz's career spans 35 years, within the NHS and in her own private practice. With professional experience and academic training in the fields of psychotherapy, humanistic psychology, counselling, nutrition and dietetics. She specialises in weight management, overeating, binge eating, Anorexia and Bulimia. She is an accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners) and Member of the UK Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP). She holds diplomas in Professional Studies (Counselling), Humanistic Psychology and Supervision. Liz has a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition. She also has professional experience in dealing with depression, stress and anxiety, loss and bereavement, relationship difficulties, self esteem and emotional crisis. Solutions are always more sustainable and effective when they tackle the root of the problem. This is what Liz brings to FeedMeFreedom.

"I love my work with clients. It’s a privilege to use my skills to create a safe space for people to gain positive insights and new understandings. I have participated in all kinds of trainings over the years.  But it is my own journey with food that has been the most powerful resource for change – fuelling my own creativity and motivating me to share my wisdom through this online course. A course which allows me to support even more people to find peace with food, their body and themselves."

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Co-founder & Creative Director

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Pema Chalmers MA BA

Pema has over 25 years of professional training and experience including an M.A. in Multimedia Design, B.A. First Class Honours in Communication Design, and a Certificate of Higher Education in Fine Art. Her commercial experience covers all manner of graphic design, print, web, illustration, branding, corporate identity and animation projects. She previously worked as 'Creative Lead' for a visualization and animation company, but now works freelance. She generates and develops creative ideas, designs graphics, draws storyboards and illustrations, but her greatest passion is producing animation. Evidence shows learning is more effective when it is creative, fun and engaging. Pema injects this visual creativity into all that FeedMeFreedom does.

"I love all kinds of visual creativity and storytelling, especially animated stories that inspire positive personal and social change. Feed Me Freedom is not just how I get to use my professional skills for good, it's personal. Some of the wisdom and compassion that helped me recover from 20 years of Bulimia is also shared here. I have been free from Bulimia for 18 years now, and I hope that my contribution and passion for this project might help others to be free from food misery. What a gift Bulimia turned out to be, it was the manure from which I grew. I have learnt so much and I am still learning. I don't think we are ever done learning from love."

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