We are currently creating credible and engaging learning experiences to help overcome unhelpful eating habits, damaging relationships with food and negative body image. This is a way to think and act differently. To finally realise goals but also no longer be enslaved by food or obsessed with weight. This is a way to Freedom.



Thank you for your patience while we build our online courses. Click the image to read more about each course.

FeedMeFreedom presents new ideas and ways to explore them. We encourage you to open, listen, reflect, question and test things for yourself. This approach offers a skillful way to reclaim self-trust, self-respect and self-confidence. But most importantly, knowing something is true for ourselves is far more stable and solid than merely believing something just because someone tells us. Belief is not necessary or useful. Knowing for ourselves is.


Don't believe a word we say, put everything to the test. Take what is useful and leave the rest.


A New Credible Approach
Psychotherapeutic Counselor & Eating / Weight Management Specialist Liz Shelley, writes all the material for our workshops and courses. Read more...

A New Creative Approach
Graphic Artist, Illustrator & Animator Pema Chalmers, designs all our visual material to create an engaging learning experience. Read more...



We are currently busy developing a comprehensive range of courses to address the concerns YOU HAVE about weight, food, eating and body image.


The Learning Hub will include a FREE PERSONALITY QUIZ! Finding out what kind of eater you are can offer valuable insight into how to approach change.


Want to find out what we are all about? There will be a ridiculously low cost MINI COURSE. This is for anyone feeling stuck in any kind of challenging or habitual eating behavior.


Our flag ship course is the HAPPY EATING FOUNDATION COURSE. This covers the essential lessons and establishes a strong basis for change.  Building on from this foundation, our SPECIAL INTEREST MODULES allow you to target specific concerns and tailor your course to suit a range needs: from WEIGHT LOSS, EMOTIONAL EATING and a need for AUTHENTIC HEALTHY EATING, to more specialist support for EATING DISORDERS and EXERCISE ADDICTION.

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We periodically run one day workshops for anyone struggling with the practicalities of food habits and eating patterns. This is a chance to radically change the way you eat. The workshop provides an opportunity to experience some of the course materials and exercises ‘live’ with our support and guidance. This workshop will help you transform old behaviors and thinking patterns into new and sustainable healthy habits - helping you achieve your goals.


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Our blog will be full of relevant, interesting and useful articles. We are always on the look out for topics of interest, so if you have any ideas, let us know by emailing Liz or Pema.


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